Overhead Door Apprentice (Carpenter/ Welder/ Electrician/ Mechanic)

We want the best of the best and we’re willing to pay for it! Not the best of the best? No worries - if you have a can do, will try attitude, we’ll train you to be the best! Come be a part of our team! You'll learn carpentry, welding and electrical skills installing and servicing commercial overhead doors, operators, dock levelers, high speed doors, hollow metal doors, dock seals and truck restraints.

What our current mechanics love the most about this job - Every Day is Different!


*Attendance bonus equal to $1 more an hour as long as you give 48 hours of needing time off. *5 paid time off days *5, 10, 15 vacation days (based on 1 year, 3 year and 10 years of service) *6 paid holidays

*Hand Tool Bonus Cash of $.50 an hour with each attendance bonus usable in company store stocked with high quality bulk purchased tools at no additional markup

*Company provided power tools and industry specific tools *Healthcare plan with Dental & Vision for the employee *$50 per week on-call bonus ($400 a year based on average 6week rotation) *$40 per month cell phone reimbursement

*$250 yearly towards steel toed boots

*Company supplied uniforms - pants, jacket, shirts

*Company provided personal protective equipment: backpack, hard hat, personal first aid kit, lock out tag out kit, gloves, hand wipes, goggles, ear protection, safety glasses, dust mask, sunscreen, over the counter pain / cold medicine, safety vest

*Mechanics locker room with wash sink and men’s room plus shower facilities *Simple IRA plan with 3% company match

*Career advancement course reimbursement up to $5250 per year

*All employees start and end their day at our office, no commuting to jobs in employee vehicles necessary.


*Drug free! Don’t waste our time if you have an illegal habit or medical prescription.

*Drivers license

*Can do, will try attitude.

*Must be physically able to climb ladders and lift heavy items

Salary: Starting at $20+ / Hour

At the core, we believe that the skills our mechanics are required to have and perform on a daily basis are undervalued.

It’s our mission, to recognize the abilities and hard work of our team, not just within our office, but through our current and future customers.

We expect our mechanics to hold each other to the highest levels of accountability, not just skill.

We grow as a team, learning from each of our mistakes and successes.

Apply at our office for fastest and best results! No Appointment Necessary.

100 Eyring Ave, Essex MD 21221, (410) 288-3667

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