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Garage Door Service & Repair Tips

At Bob's Overhead Door, we provide more than just onsite garage door service - we also strive to inform and educate our customers on the latest industry news and safety procedures. For this reason, we've created an online library of articles detailing many common garage door processes. It is our hope that businesses and homeowners in the Baltimore-Towson Metro Area and surrounding Maryland counties will be able to view these industry resources and gain a better understanding of their garage door systems.

Broken Springs in Baltimore County MD

If you've experienced issues with your garage door in Baltimore County Maryland - there is a good chance that broken springs are at the root of the problem! Garage door springs support the entire weight of your door and are weakened over time as they stretch and contract to facilitate the opening and shutting of the door. The weight of your garage door is a crucial factor used to determine which type of solution is best - extension springs or torsion springs. Find out how to prevent broken springs in Baltimore County MD.

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